7 Ways to Free Up Space On Android

For those of you that are running out of space on your Android device we’re here to show you how to free up some storage on your phone or tablet to improve the device’s performance and make room for your favourite photos, videos, music, apps, and games.

This guide will probably be the most useful to those owning a low-storage Android devices with no SD card, but everyone will benefit from additional space. Check out the tips and tricks below to learn how to give your device an extra storage boost.

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1. Clear app data

Web browser and many other apps that download images from the Internet may often save that data on your device. If you’re low on storage, try clearing app data. In order to do that, go to Settings > Apps and find apps that take up the most space.

Alternative, you can download an all-in-one app like CCleaner that will analyze your device and show data that can be easily deleted.

2. Upload photos to the cloud

With Google’s Photos app, you can automatically backup all your photos in the cloud. To enable cloud sync, go to Menu > Photos > Auto-Backup. All uploaded photos can be safely viewed on your desktop and other Android devices connected to your Google account.

3. Uninstall old apps

We bet there is more than one app installed on your phone that you haven’t used for weeks. Why don’t you delete it? Certain apps download and store huge amounts of data that takes up a lot of space on your device. To remove an app, you can drag it out from the application drawer or go to Settings > Apps and select “Uninstall”.

4. Delete your music and go to the cloud

Days when we had to store our favourite songs on our phones and tablets are gone. With so many streaming services out there, you can listen to music without saving a single track on your device. Check out our list of five best music streaming services.

5. Delete unnecessary screenshots and photos

Do you really need that screen of a funny Snap you’ve received over a year ago? Go ahead and delete it. Old screenshots and photos can quickly fill up your device’s memory.

Go to the gallery and delete those that you don’t need anymore. To get rid of duplicate photos, try downloading one of the apps available in the Play Store. Most of them work like a charm.

6. Delete large text conversations

If you text a lot, your image-heavy conversations may take a ton of storage space on your device. Delete those that contain many photos and videos to free valuable memory.

7. Move apps to SD card

If your device came with a SD card, go to Settings > Apps to see apps that can be moved to expandable memory. That way you will save some internal storage, which Android often uses to improve device’s performance. The more internal memory is available to the system, the snappier your phone is.

If you know of any other tips, leave them in the comments below and we’ll add them to the list.