17 Examples Of Brilliant Car UI and HUD Design

Like almost every piece of technology we surround ourselves with, cars are getting smarter. Manufacturers invest a lot of money to make sure our vehicles deliver the highest possible leve l of performance, safety, and comfort. All smart features like intelligent light systems and various sensors that calculate gas consumptions and measure car’s technical condition are usually operated by an on-board computer.

Those devices, no matter how futuristic they look, are actually no different from desktops, tablets, and even smartphones we use on our daily basis. They have graphical interfaces that explain some features to the users and display essential information when they need it as well as touch screens and buttons. Interfaces and HUDs play an important role in the way a car works and is used by the owner.

Car UI design is a growing branch of visual design and with constantly developing technologies, it is likely to become very popular. Therefore, it is no wonder that many designers have already started working on in-car interfaces of the future, trying to blend cutting-edge automotive solutions with beautiful and intuitive graphics.

For your viewing pleasure and inspiration, we’ve selected 17 great examples of car UI an HUD design. While some look feasible enough to expect to see them in the next car we drive, others are gorgeous examples of a glimpse in the future. Enjoy!