Have A MacBook Air? This Hack Might Make Your Screen Even Better

With me recently acquiring a MacBook Air, like any geek, I tried to find any ways in which to make it better. And I’ve found a way to make the display on mine even better. We all know how great the screens are on Mac machines, but this little hack can make some MacBook Air screens sharper, add more contrasts and generally make it better.

How To Check You Have an LG Display

First you need to work out whether your MacBook Air display is made by Samsung or LG. This hack will only work with MacBook Air machines that have LG displays. The LG displays for some odd reason are a little washed out compared to the Samsung one purely because they’re calibrated properly.

1. Launch Terminal. (Just search for terminal in search function top right)

2. Copy and paste this command and hit enter. (For some odd reason I couldn’t put the command line into the post)

3. Read the output you get. It should look something like what’s below. If you have “LP” at the beginning, then you have an LG display.

 Color LCD

Adding A Custom Colour Profile

Once you’ve made sure you have an LG display you want to add a custom colour profile, this is what will sharpen up your display.

1. Download the custom colour profile.

2. Go to the desktop screen and hit Command+Shift+G, enter the following path: /Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Displays/

3. Copy the custom colour profile to that folder.

4. Open “System Preferences” and find “Displays”.

5. Go to the “Color” tab and make sure the “Show profiles for this display only” is unchecked.

6. You’ll also need to select “Color LCD”. You can make sure it’s the right one by simply hovering over it and looking at the name of it.

Once you’ve selected the right colour profile you should see an immediate change. Like I said earlier you’ll only see this immediate change if you have an LG display. Whites will be whiter, blacks are blacker and the display is generally sharper.