Best Mac Apps


A collection of the best and our favourite Mac apps available. This page will be updated regularly, adding new and better apps, so make sure to come back regularly to keep up with the latest apps. Apps are in no order of preference. Chrome Easily the best replacement browser for Safari.

Unibox / Airmail Both are fantastic for replacing the ugly Mac email app. Great for those who have multiple email accounts.

Adobe CS6 Whether you want to be a web designer, photographer or app designer, Adobe’s creative suite is undeniably the best.

Pixelmator A very good competitor to Adobe Photoshop. Doesn’t have as many features but it doesn’t have a high price tag either.

Sketch A very good competitor to Adobe Illustrator. Made for creating vector graphics. Perfect for UI designers, logo designers and alike.

Sublime Text 2 Into coding? Sublime Text 2 is arguably the best coding app available for Mac. A very clean and dark UI, coding is colour coded for easier understanding.

Found A great replacement to Mac’s spotlight. Allows you to find files across your Mac and cloud services very quickly.

Dropbox, Google Drive and CloudApp All three very good cloud services which integrate with Mac very well.

iA Writer A super minimal, distraction free writer for Mac. Perfect for writers, bloggers and students.

Transmit FTP client. Has a great UI and is very fast.

Skype Who doesn’t know what Skype is?

Pages, Keynote and Numbers Apple’s own version of Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. All perfectly built for Mac and integrate very well with the iOS apps too.

Fontcase Brilliant app for managing fonts. Especially if you’re into typography.

Xee Very simple and lightweight image viewer.

Twitter The official Twitter client. Just works.

Tweetbot A very good Twitter client. Full of lots of features, great design and the ability to have multiple timelines open at once.

BitTorrent Sync Free service which allows you to sync files between machines, over LAN or internet. Very useful if you work on multiple machines.

HyperDock Brings over the very useful window snapping and window hovering from Windows.

CheatSheet Shows you all the available shortcuts of the active application after holding the command key for 2 seconds.

Final Cut Pro X Perfect software for creating videos. Made by Apple to fit perfectly on the Mac.

Kuvva Wallpaper app which switches wallpapers regularly.

Skyfonts Allows you to quickly download and keep in sync Google web fonts. Perfect for any designer or developer.

VLC Plays nearly every media file imaginable.

f.lux Adjusts the hue and brightness of your display depending on time of day. Great for those who have sensitive eyes.

BetterTouchTool Fantastic app that allows you to customise gestures on magic mouse or trackpad. Also gives you the cool window snapping feature that you find on Windows.

Hyperdock Gives your dock some new cool features such as window preview when you hover over the app icon.

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