Sony Has Just Unveiled a Concept Electric Car

Sony – yes, the tech company – has unveiled an electric concept car concept called the Vision-S Prototype during a presentation at CES 2020.

The Vision-S is a sedan that boasts a dual-motor all-electric powertrain, a top speed of 149 mph and 0-60 mph acceleration in 4.8 seconds. (Sony did not mention the car’s battery capacity or the car’s estimated range.)

The Vision S has 33 different sensors on the car monitoring the external and internal environments using pulses of light to detect objects and deliver a better, safer autonomous driving experience. It’s equipped with a huge panoramic screen. Sony also included a sophisticated speaker alignment that provides a surround sound setup for each individual driver.

Is Sony about to get into the car-game? Likely not, but it’s good to see what these tech companies are capable of… outside of tech. Check out the Vision-S below.

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