Inside 100 Thieves Stunning New LA Headquarters

100 Thieves just unveiled their stunning new LA-based headquarters. The e-sports organization, founded by Matthew Haag (Nadeshot) and co-owned by Scooter Braun and Drake, lifted the curtain on its one-of-a-kind HQ in a series of photos and a press release.

In the official press release, Haag shared, “The 100 Thieves Cash App Compound is the product of our vision to build a new category of company — a lifestyle brand born from gaming. Los Angeles is the epicenter of esports, entertainment, and fashion, which are the three pillars we founded the company upon, so this is the perfect home for innovating on what an esports organization and lifestyle brand can be. I can’t wait for our fans to experience the Compound.”

Take the tour below and head here for more.

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