Watch This Horribly Damaged Photo Get Perfectly Restored & Colourized

The word ‘satisfying’ gets thrown about a lot in 2019, but watching photo restoring wizard James Berridge restore this 116 year old photo is pretty much as satisfying as it gets.

The photo, taken in 1903, had become horribly damaged and it took James over 20 hours to restore and colourize it. Check out the video below which shows a timelapse of the process.

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Check out the before and after’s from James’ Instagram below.

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Mother and Child Reunited (C1903) I found this horribly damaged, but very sweet, picture while trawling the Library of Congress Website. I decided, possibly foolishly, to try and restore it! 20+ Hours later and it's finished! A video of my process can be found on my Youtube, link on my profile! It was a really interesting experience for me to work on this picture. I’ve never worked on a restoration this complex or long winded before and the journey from start to end was quite the emotional rollercoaster. Despite considering quitting work on this picture multiple times during difficult moments, I’m really glad I finished this picture. In terms of information available about the photograph, it seems to have been taken between 1901 and 1903 by C M Bell, who operated out of Washington D.C. Generally speaking C M Bell either took pictures of the notable peoples of the time or anyone else, i.e non wealthy, who happened to take his interest, A search of his name on the library catalog will find you a lot of civil war era amputees which he produced portraits of for example. All we know is that this picture was ordered by a 'L M Manning'. #colorization #colourisation #photoshopskills #photooftheday #photoshop #retro #retrofashion #vintageclothing #vintage #photography

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