This Stunning Eclipse Photo Was Shot from a Commercial Plane at 39,000ft

In August last year, photographers professional and amateur alike, gathered to try and capture ‘The Great American Eclipse”, however, Jon Carmichael managed to capture one of the most memorable shots from a slightly different viewpoint; a commercial airliner.

Jon worked out the best flight he could catch to capture the best possible photo of the eclipse, and after booking Southwest Airlines flight 1368 from Portland, Oregon, to St. Louis, Missouri, the only thing left for him to do was secure himself a window seat – he even bought $600 with him to pay off another passenger, just in case his perfect seat was taken.

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“My goal was to make it look like we were in space,” Carmichael writes. “I wanted to capture a unique perspective of the moon’s shadow moving across the Earth’s surface at nearly 2,000mph.

“My biggest fear was not getting a window seat since Southwest doesn’t have assigned seating – I figured I’d come this far, I should be ready to bribe someone for a window if that’s what it takes!”

Check out the photo below.

If you want to purchase prints of the photo you can through the photographer’s website.

Southwest Airlines has released a 2-minute video with Carmichael’s story:

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