If You Don't Want To Shell Out $5K On A Mac Pro, You Can Buy This Lookalike PC Case

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If you're a big fan of the look of the new Mac Pro, the chances are you're still not going to buy one, because let's face it - not a lot of people want to spend $5000+ on a computer. Luckily, this new Kickstarter may just have the answer for you.

PC casemaker Dune is launching a Kickstarter for the Dune Pro, a PC case that shares a lot of similarities with the Mac Pro. It has a large stainless steel frame, simple holes for ventilation in the front and back panels, two USB-C ports on top of the case, and an aluminum enclosure for all your components.

You can pre-order the Dune Pro on Kickstarter starting on October 21st. Head to their site for more info, and check it out in action below in this PC World video.