Here’s How Much It Costs Apple To Make An iPhone 11 Pro Max

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If, since the iPhone 11’s release, you’ve been debating on whether to upgrade or not, one of the main factors for you may be pricing. Are the new iPhones really worth their $999 and $1099 respective retail pricing? Well, the obvious answer is no – no company is ever going to sell a product at cost price, but it’s interesting to know how much it actually costs to make one of Apple’s newest phones.

NBC breaks down each part of the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s various elements and prices them up to see how much it stacks up against its $1099 price tag.

Taking the iPhone 11 Pro Max, we’re told that the screen costs $66.50, the battery is $10.50, the new triple camera design is $73.50, and the processor, modems, and memory equal a total of $159. Everything else — sensors, holding material, assembly, and more— all come to $181, which delivers a total production cost of $490.50 – a fair amount short of its retail price.

Obviously this doesn’t take into account elements such as software integration, development, packaging, support, etc. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

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