Google Announces Pixel Buds To Rival Apple’s AirPods

Google has officially unveiled the new Pixel Buds, which adopt the truly wireless design. They’ll offer 5 hours of continuous listening with up to 24 hours from the wireless charging case which can be recharged via its USB-C connection.

They feature a hands-free connection to Google Assistant, as well as being able to detect speech through vibrations in the jaw, therefore being able to zero in on your voice when speaking through the mic.

Google says it scanned “thousands” of ears to get a design for the in-ear earbuds that would be the most comfortable to the most people. And most impressively of all; Google states that the long-range Bluetooth will allow the Pixel Buds to stay connected to your phone from a full football field-length away.

They’ll cost $179 but unfortunately though they’re not available until early 2020.

Check them out in action below.