24 Stunning Aerial Photos Of Cities Around The World

There are some absolutely brilliant sights on this Earth, most of them taken up by vast rainforests and natural wonders of the world, let’s not forget; man-made sculptures can be beautiful too and make for some spectacular views. Check out this collection of awesome aerial shots of different cities around the world.

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Dubai, UAE.

Mexico City, Mexico.

Giza, Egypt.

Sun City, USA.

Barcelona, Spain.

Paris, France.

New York, USA.

Venice, Italy.

Cape Town, South Africa.

Shanghai, China.

Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Athens, Greece.

Vancouver, Canada.

Male, Maldives.

Rio, Brazil.

Bern, Switzerland.

Miami, USA.


Chicago, USA.

Passau, Germany.

Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Vatican City.

Moscow, Russia.

Tokyo, Japan.

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