The Moment A Photographer Using His Drone Spots A Shark Heading Towards His Family

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It's no secret that drones are capable of capturing some amazing shots, but it turns out they're also capable of saving lives. Photographer Dan Watson was in the middle of framing up a photo of his family playing on the shore in Florida when he spotted a large shark-shaped shadow swimming right towards them.

After yelling for his family to get out of the water and saving them from an almost-certain tragic situation, he took to Instagram to share some of the shots with the caption:

See that dark shadow making its way straight for the shore & those people? That was my view this weekend while flying my Mavic 2 Pro… and oh, 3 of those people are my kids! Swipe to see the next image that resulted from my yelling to get out of the water and the unmistakable outline of a shark. Definitely too close of an encounter for my liking! Thinking my @djiglobal drone is now coming with me to every beach day!!!

Check out some of the images below and head to Dan's Instagram for more.