Reddit CEO Shares His Favourite Subreddits

If you’re a Reddit user, you’ll know that it can be used as the home for pretty much any hobby, interest, job, meme, or question, living up to its slogan as the ‘front page of the internet’ because of its plethora of subreddits.

Reddit’s CEO Steve Huffman recently spoke at the Cannes Lions advertising conference and revealed three of his favourite communities on the famous website:

Huffman first stated he is a fan of “blue-chip communities” AskReddit and IAmA, which are two of the largest and liveliest subreddits on the site.

Wholesome Network: “It’s just people saying nice things to each other,” he said. “It’s really nice, when you’re otherwise inundated with angry politics… to just go to a place that’s peaceful.”

Cross Stitch: “It’s really interesting to learn about the ways other people are unique—their passions and interests. Reddit provides a window into that sort of thing.”

If you’re a Reddit user, let us know what subreddits are some of your favourites below.