4 Of The Best Portable Projectors For When You’re On The Move

If you love watching new movies regularly or are just a fan of work movie nights – it is a good idea to have a projector. It allows you to save money on weekly cinema visits and is also more comfortable to sit at home than it is to spend time cramped in the cinema. Here are 4 of the best portable projectors on the market right now:

Sony MP-CD1 Ultraportable Projector

Weighing in at just 280 grams the Sony MP-CD1 has everything you want in a projector, while also being able to fit into your jeans pocket. Luminous flux – about 105 lumens, picture quality up to 4K at 30 frames per second. There is also an autocorrection of distortion. Connect any HDMI-compatible devices you like, giving you the ability to watch any film or TV show purchased from the internet (download safer using this list of use recommended VPNs). The battery runs for about two hours and is able to charge via USB-C — you can power on the device from a portable battery. There is an HDMI port, a USB output, a mini-jack for audio output, as well as a standard tripod socket – you can even project films from the ceiling. It also comes with a protective case. On the downside, it has a low resistance to overheating and relatively weak speakers. 

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ViewSonic M1

A good option for traveling weighing in at just 750 grams. There will be enough lumen of 200 lumens to watch the series in the evening or at night, turning off the lights, but in the daytime, in the room with the windows, the picture will be dull. To start watching, you need to lower the leg that covers the lenses and put the projector on it – it is stable. There are inputs for HDMI, USB-C, USB-drive, and Micro SD.

The image is projected under any inclination, the geometry is automatically adjusted (but you can do it manually). The maximum quality is 1080p, but when viewing a text document from a computer via HDMI, pixels are clearly visible. The lamp will last about 30 thousand hours. The built-in sound is good, loud, from Harman Kardon – you do not need to connect a separate speaker. It comes with a protective case and remote control. On the downside, some users complain about the lack of clarity and brightness of the image.

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Optoma ML750e

Projector with good color reproduction and a powerful luminous flux of 700 lumens. It weighs 380 grams, can output video from HDMI, VGA, USB, and Micro SD. Lamp resource – 20 thousand hours. You can purchase a Wi-Fi module to the projector and transfer the downloaded video from the computer without messing around with wires. But users complain that the IR sensor is located at the back of the projector and does not always catch the signal.

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Vivitek Qumi Q6

The projector produces a stream of 800 lumens, the resolution is Full HD, the image is automatically corrected when tilted. It is controlled using touch buttons or through a special application. At the bottom of the case, there is a socket for attachment to a tripod. Conveniently, there is a built-in Wi-Fi module – you can quickly transfer data from your phone or tablet. The lamp operates about 30 thousand hours. Minuses – the average built-in speaker; could be solved by connecting the speaker through a mini-jack.

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