iPad Finally Gets Its Own Operating System: iPadOS

It may have leaked slightly early, but it’s now official: iPad finally has its own dedicated operating system. iPadOS was announced during Apple’s WWDC event, with Tim Cook and the gang showing off a host of new features coming to iPads everywhere. Here’s everything you need to know about iPadOS:

  • iPadOS comes with an updated home screen – showing more apps on each page with widgets, including news headlines, weather, photos and calendar events.
  • Multitasking gestures have been tweaked to add more windows and commands.
  • iPad users can now work with multiple files and documents from the same app simultaneously.
  • Improved text editing is coming to iPadOS. With new gestures making it easier to select text with a swipe, cut, copy, paste, and undo, and more.
  • Other small additions include dark mode, custom fonts, floating keyboard, an improved Maps app.

Let us know what you think of iPadOS, and head here for more.