Designer Comically Illustrates His Life In The Tech Industry

Web Designer Eran Shavit creates interesting comics about his life working in the tech business. He merged his love for art and illustration with his job in tech to show that the luxurious tech lifestyle isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. To follow Eran’s Journey, head to his Facebook page.

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Where it all began…

Expectation VS Reality

When your code finally works…

The day you decide “today I’m leaving early”

But it’s been only an hour!

Come to “Movie Club” they said… It will be fun they said…

Long time ago, in an office far far away, someone was waiting for windows updates to end

Truly man’s best friend

‘May the 4th’ special edition

Xbox Overdose

My new MacBook arrived!

When “Working from home” is basically Netflix binge watching

Card balance running low? Desperate times call for desperate measures

I wonder, who thought bringing a Nerf gun is a good idea?

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