5 Tips To Help You Take Care Of Your New Home

First things first, congratulations on getting a new home. Investing in a home is an exciting milestone in anyone’s life, and you must be looking forward to a bright future in your dream house.

To preserve it and keep everything intact for as long as possible, you will need to keep an eye out for signs of aging and adequately care for your new home. It may be new now, but to ensure it gives you the same value that made you choose it in the first place, you need to follow these tips:

Take your builder’s recommendations seriously

Your builder is uniquely qualified to offer the best possible advice on how best to run and maintain your home. They will take you on a walk through and show you where everything is located and how it works, in addition to the proper maintenance. The walkthrough is especially important, as this is where you get to know where the circuit breakers, water shutoff valve, furnace air-filter, and other critical appliances are, and how to operate them. You can also ask them any questions and ensure that there is no need for any additional work before you move in.

Take care of your yard

Due to the construction activities, the soil surrounding your home may not be in tip-top condition, and you need to give it time to readjust. On average, it takes the earth about seven years to get back to normal. You need to consider your drainage options, to make sure that water does not run back into your basement when it rains.

Watch your lawn

Having a great looking lawn is a huge part of your home’s aesthetic value. While constant and meticulous lawn maintenance is a must for a perfect lawn, it might be difficult if you are working or on a tight schedule. Consider getting professional advice and assistance from San Antonio Lawn care Services. The best thing about having a lawn care service is that they offer lawn maintenance throughout the seasons, the best possible fertilizers, pest control, among other essential lawn care aspects.

Read and keep your manuals

Every appliance fitted in your new house will come with a comprehensive manual, which you need to read, understand, and save. These manuals contain specific information concerning servicing, maintenance, spare parts and precautions to observe while using them. For instance, you need to drain your water heater annually for longer life and change the air filters in your furnace monthly to ensure efficient air flow.

Understand your home warranty

Your new home will have a guarantee from your builder or a third party that will cover any problems arising within the first 12 months of owning it. The warranty covers any issues that may affect your windows, plumbing, electricity, or any structural faults. However, the warranty will not apply if defects arise from negligence or any issue outside the warranty’s stipulations.


Constant maintenance will keep your home good as new, and ensure you get the best possible experience out of living therein.