The Best 7 Shopify Apps For Your E-Store

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There are so many young entrepreneurs who decide to start their new businesses online. ProfitIndustry ecommerce statistics shows that ecommerce is growing very fast and conquering Google. Many people choose to start a business like this because it often requires much fewer investments than an actual store. Just think about it – you don’t need to pay the rent for the store, you don’t have to restore it or look for a place where your warehouse could be.

Of course, online businesses require investments too. But if you know the right apps and tools that you could use for your business growth, then the investments will be much smaller and the profits much bigger and faster. In this article, you will find 7 apps that can help you achieve your goals in online business.


Opinew Shopify Product Reviews App and Importer is an incredible tool that can boost your productivity, efficiency, and profits of your online store significantly. Reviews mean so much these days – both for the buyer and the seller. By reading reviews, the buyer can determine which of similar products is the best and fits its needs, which customer service is the most pleasant, and either it’s a case of scam or not.

The reviews are important for the seller to – it can encourage someone to buy from the seller and one bad review can have a significant effect on the business. Having reviews is also a great way to improve your SEO. By using this specific app you will appear on Google with the star rating that you have.


EXPORT OrderPro is an app that reports orders Shopify and saves you loads of time, especially if your business is a fresh startup and you can’t wait to receive your first orders. With this kind of excitement, you’ll probably check your e-store every ten minutes. And there’s an easy way to avoid that but still keep updated about the upcoming orders on your online store.

The app has a drag and drop menu, so it’s easily customizable without any help from programmers. This saves you both time and money because you do not need to pay for the customization work – you can just adjust it yourself because the interface is super user-friendly.


Ecommerce analytics from Conversific can help your online business grow faster and bring you a higher revenue. This app has already earned a name to itself – more than five thousand online stores use it and are really happy about it. A number like this is only one argument why you should use this app.

The app is also really easy to use and access – you can see all the wanted data on your mobile phone, therefore you don’t need to sit in the office in order to access important data. You can just do it on the go. Even more to it, this app will let you keep all your data and sources in one place because it integrates with WooCommerce, Facebook Ads, Google Search Console, Google Ads, and so much more sources.


Dropship on Shopify with – add thousands of dropship products to your Shopify store in just minutes and enjoy the growing profits. Dropshipping business, in general, is a convenient choice for young people who still study and aren’t able to make an investment in order to start a side business of their own. And that’s why the idea is so great – dropshipping does not require any investments. The making, storing, decorating, and shipping the products is a third party’s responsibility. All you need to do is create the designs and a marketing strategy.

With this app, you can search through over a million different dropshipping products, filter them, and easily upload to your online store. It’s cost-efficient and fast.


Premium rewards and games the best Shopify conversion app can help with your website traffic. First of all, by using it you’ll get the access to use customizable email collection displays, that with help grow your email listing and send push notifications afterward. This will also help collect leads, reward your website visitors, and convert them into true loyal customers.

The most interesting and exciting feature of this app is game based promotion. It’s exciting both for the seller and the customer. It brings higher profits and engagement to the seller, but it also is more interesting and interactive for the website visitor. A game is always more interesting than a table with blank text. The app also lets you create off-site promotions via Facebook.


Bulk Price Editor by Buymaxx is an app for online business owners. The developers are continuously updating the app and creating new features, so by using it you’ll stay updated with the best capabilities at all times. The main feature of this app is to change prices for the big amounts of products in one time. The best part is that you can actually schedule these changes.

For example, if you know that next year the prices of your products will go up, you can schedule these changes when you hear about them and never worry to remember it again. Another example could be the holiday sales. Imagine yourself celebrating Christmas and having to change the prices in your website the early morning after the holiday. There’s no need to rush because this app will help you plan everything ahead.


This push notification app for Shopify can help you with recovering abandoned shopping carts by showing push templates for those potential customers who are about to leave your website. There are also other types of push notifications that can help grow your sales significantly, like order and delivery updates, cross-sell and upsell notifications.

A great thing is that the amount of notifications is unlimited – you can customize and use it as much as you want and need. The app developers also really respect your privacy, so you can be calm – no one will intend to collect and sell your personal usage data, which is quite a common case with many apps.

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