Unveiling The 24K Gold-Plated iPhone XS

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It’s always interesting to see how some people tend to go a little overboard in their enthusiasm for the latest tech. Each smartphone that Apple releases usually gets tech-heads hot under the collar, and it seems as though there’s plenty of demand for adding even more bling to their flagship iPhones.

So if you think that the £1,349 high street price for a new iPhone XS is a little modest, then take a quick look at the 24K gold-plated iPhone XS that’s currently on sale on eBay for a whopping $6,999 (£5,528). This is a standard iPhone XS 5.8 inch 512 GB model, but it has been upgraded to have 24K gold/rhodium plating with a rather snazzy tiger design on the back.

Whilst Apple already have a gold version of the iPhone XS, it seems as though this limited edition smartphone takes things up a level. And just in case you were wondering, rhodium is allegedly the most precious metal in the world which will definitely create a talking point when you next compare iPhones with friends.

As this custom iPhone has an astonishing asking price, it’s worth questioning why the phone’s makers didn’t bother to go all out and customise the top-of-the-line iPhone XS Max. But seeing as most potential buyers probably have more money than sense anyway, then they aren’t going to be too bothered about the technical specifications of this outrageous mobile device.

In fact it’s going to be pretty disappointing if you actually bought this device and realised that it didn’t actually offer you any extra features from a standard iPhone XS. Obviously, the mobile’s 5.8-inch Super Retina screen will help those fancy smartphone wallpapers look even more stunning, and the ultra-quick Face ID will be able to keep whatever’s left of your savings safe and sound.

But on the whole, it’s safe to say this hyper expensive device is not going to be found on the high street anytime soon. As there is reportedly only one of these 24K gold-plated iPhone XS models in the world, then it’s going to take a very flamboyant individual who will be willing to splash out on this exclusive device.

It’s not as if the snazzy smartphone is going to be able to help you get any extra luck for the next time that you play the God of Storms, and it’s equally unlikely that it will make any of those Netflix binge-watching hits any more enjoyable.

But perhaps we are missing the point, as there is already a long history of people creating some ridiculously customised iPhones. Just take a look at this $10,500 diamond encrusted iPhone and you will consider the 24K gold/rhodium model relatively lacklustre in comparison. So whilst many of us would balk at the £1000+ street price of a standard iPhone XS, it seems that there’s plenty of appetite for some even more expensive alternatives.