Is The iPhone XR Apple’s Best-Value Phone?


Apple kept smartphone fans busy throughout 2018. With no less than three new iPhones to pick and choose from, the tech brand once again showed themselves to be one step ahead of the competition. And whilst many tech fans have been bowled over by the new iPad Pro, we think that the iPhone XR is Apple’s best-value smartphone so far.

The iPhone XR was released in late October this year, and with its high-end 256GB model setting you back a not insignificant £949, it was clear that Apple were willing to take things up a level. So how are Apple willing to justify such a high street price for what’s ultimately just another smartphone?

The device is the twelfth generation of the smartphone series, and whilst it is similar to the iPhone XS, it has had a few features removed to make it a touch cheaper. The iPhone XR is a great looking device that is a respectable 5.94 inches long, and comes in a range of colours whilst retaining the distinctive black front of the X range of iPhones.

As well as the relatively low price tag, perhaps the most attractive part of the iPhone XR is its impressive battery life. Whilst batteries have been the bane of many top-level smartphone brands, it seems that Apple have finally got it right with the new device promising to give you a full day’s battery life without recharging.

This is all the more impressive as the iPhone XR is still packed with processing power thanks to its A12 Bionic chip helping to keep the iOS 12 operating system running without any issues. This means that you can use the smartphone to multitask anything from video-chatting with friends whilst winning big on the Ted slot without any interruption.

A smartphone’s camera is an increasingly important part of its appeal nowadays. We were impressed to find that the iPhone XR manages to pack in plenty of tricks to allow its 12MP rear and 7MP cameras to recreate some of the best DSLR effects.


One of the biggest reasons as to why tech fans might jump for the iPhone XR is the striking LCD screen. This ‘all-screen’ display manages to get pretty close to the colour and clarity of a top-level OLED screen and once again shows that Apple can work wonders with their smartphones.

So how have Apple managed to cut corners to give you a high-end smartphone that doesn’t go over the £1000 mark? Firstly, you have to realise that this device doesn’t come with that coveted 3D Touch feature, and it may feel a little chunkier than some of the sleeker devices that the brand has released. And whilst the camera doesn’t have the same power as that of the iPhone XS, and some of the apps aren’t ready yet for the operating system, the new iPhone XR manages to prove that Apple are still the best in the business.