These ‘Environmentally Friendly’ Logos Actually Look Better Than The Originals

Can you imagine how many times a brand, take McDonald’s for example, has to use their logo, whether it be on their vast amount of products, advertising, and everything else – well, there’s a price to pay for this, financially, but more so ecologically

As you can see below, there’s a pretty simple way to reduce these costs by using less ink. The idea, titled EcoBranding is an experiment aimed at making brands more environmentally friendly while at the same time, saving millions of dollars each year in printing costs. How do you think they compare to the originals?

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EcoBranding aims to reduce that cost by using less ink in logos saving millions in production costs each year.

EcoBranding redesigns logos to save on printing assets while also selecting typography and colours that minimize the amount of ink and paper needed.

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