19 Pictures That Reveal The Truth Behind Some Epic Photographs

The internet is packed full of some amazing photography, we try and cover the best of it on UltraLinx, but these epic photos often have tricks and techniques behind them that are just as cool as some of the final results – it takes a lot of imagination and work to get that perfect shot, here’s 19 examples that prove that.

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1. Miniature models used to recreate historical photographs.

2. Girl plays in the rain.

3. Photographer uses miniature toys to create realistic toys. See more.

4. Standing on a cooled lava flow to get the perfect shot.

5. M&M’s photographed in water droplets.

6. Wedding photographer doesn’t mind getting stuck in.

7. Underwater dog photography. See more.

8. Getting a close up of a fox.

9. Photographer smashes mirrors to create fascinating illusion.

10. Photographing a stunning underwater portrait 25m below the sea.

11. The reality behind the ‘perfect shots’ you see online. See more.

12. The technical side of capturing the perfect burger shot.

13. Floating through the air.

14. Getting the perfect close up of a snowflake. See more.

15. Underwater photoshoot.

16. Creating aurora trails using a group of people and lights.

17. Surreal & dream-like underwater photoshoot.

18. A bunch of roses splashed with water.

19. A landscape photo with an unusual twist.

via BlazePress

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