Top 5 Reasons Why Real Lab Grown Diamonds Are the Future and What Makes Them so Special

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – isn’t that right? No other jewelry piece looks more spectacular and posh than a diamond. Nowadays, you can choose from mined diamonds and manmade diamonds. What differentiates them is, of course, the manufacturing process, amongst other things.

Ever since the 1950s, scientists have attempted to create gemstone-quality diamonds in the laboratory, depending on technological advancements. Nonetheless, at first, the rate of success was small, in the sense that the diamonds were good enough to be used as cutting tools. Still, they lacked the quality needed to be used for engagement rings or precious jewelry.

Over the years, however, both the machines and processes employed in the creation of diamonds have been improved. With the evolution of technology, today’s lab-grown diamonds can be compared with mined diamonds. More specifically, they have identical chemical composition and structure – namely carbon atoms that are arranged in a cubic crystal formation. That is thanks to the machines that can stimulate the processes entailing the creation of organic diamonds.

That being said, let’s see what truly makes lab-grown diamonds special, shall we?

1. They Are More Environmentally Friendly

Presumably, one of the primary characteristics of lab-grown diamonds is the fact that they have sustainability in mind. Their production doesn’t have a detrimental effect on the environment, as it is the case when it comes to traditional diamonds. In other words, mined diamonds are obtained from the ground, through lengthy processes that have detrimental effects on the environment – such as deforestation and soil erosion.

Concurrently, numerous diamond mines are located in zones of conflict. Therefore, many consumers might be concerned regarding the imminent consequences of mining, and the profits associated with it. Shifting customer attitudes will definitely play a part in the popularity of lab-grown diamonds, as more and more people are interested in the environment.

2. They Are More Conveniently Priced

Moving on to the costs of a lab-grown diamond, it is cheaper than a mined one by up to 40 percent – which is a significant amount. Therefore, for the consumers who shop on a budget, this might be a convincing aspect.

3. You Can’t Distinguish Them from Mined Diamonds

Furthermore, due to the advancements made in the technology of lab-made diamonds, it is literally impossible to distinguish between mined diamonds and their counterparts. In fact, specialized instruments should be utilized in an attempt to differentiate between the two. Expressly, is it impossible to tell the difference; without the right instruments, at the very least.

That’s thanks to the advanced technology used, which mimics the creation of a mined diamond.

4. You Can Customize Your Own Diamonds

Another thing that differentiates lab-grown diamonds from mined ones is that you can attempt to personalize your diamond, depending on what you want. What is more, there are manufacturers that make cremation diamonds in their lab. Yes, you’ve read that right; the process actually entails making jewelry out of the ashes of a deceased person.

The reason why this practice has become widely popular over the last couple of years is that it provides a unique way of remembering a loved person that passed away. Imagine wearing a piece of jewelry that will make you think of that person each time you wear it. It is special, unique and sentimental. At the same time, such a piece of jewelry can be passed on from generation to generation, linking the past to the future.

5. They Are Innovative

And lastly, it is crystal clear that lab-made diamonds represent the very definition of innovation. This is why this trend is likely to change the jewelry industry. They provide a luxurious product, without environmental damage, while being of the highest quality. Plus, in regards to the visual appeal of the diamond, there is no apparent distinction between a manmade diamond and a mined one.

To conclude, these are the top reasons why lab-grown diamonds are the future. You will be surprised at the variety of offers you can choose from, as more and more luxury brands approach this technique, as well. Essentially, cost and ethics make the decision-making process easier. 

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