Photographer Challenges Herself To Use $1 Camera For A Month, These Are The Results

Photographer Skyler Adams had a sudden realization that she was spending too much time obsessing about buying new camera gear than actually taking photographs. In light of this, she decided to conduct an experiment, she bought a Canon Sure Shot camera for $1 and an expired roll of Fujifilm Superia 400 film and decided to challenge herself to shoot with it for a month.

Skyler wrote: “I was pleasantly surprised at the quality I could get from the 38mm lens stopped down, the manual ISO setting also let me play with exposure compensation. Most of the battle is finding good light.“

It’s quite a common misconception that the more expensive camera gear you have, the better your results will be, Skyler proved this isn’t always the case if you’ve got the right amount of skill. Check out her results below.

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