Xbox One’s New Translucent ‘Phantom Black’ Controller Is A Must Have

Whether you err on the side of Xbox or PS4, or you really don’t care, it’s clear that Microsoft definitely knows how to put out controllers for its console that look better than anything else on the market.

They’ve announced two new controllers, one of them; the gorgeous ‘Phantom Black Special Edition’ that has a translucent black finish on the top of the controller that transitions to champagne gold at the bottom.

It will retail for $70 and ships September 11th. Pre-order here.

The other controller to be released doesn’t have a cool, dedicated name like the Phantom Black, but still looks pretty good. It’s mostly grey, with splashes of bright blue underneath the thumbsticks and on the rear. It will set you back $65 and will drop in the US and Canada September 25th, and elsewhere October 9th.

Check it out below and pre-order here.

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