The 9GAG Offices In Hong Kong Are Designed To Perfection

9GAG is arguably the world’s leading online social platform for funny, viral content. For some reason, when you think about them as a company, imagining them to have huge, professional offices, with plush decor and some excellent design features, doesn’t come easy – but they do.

Their Hong Kong offices are out-of-this-world. 5000-square-feet separated into 3 different areas: “9PARK”, “9DESKS” and “9SHEDS”. 9PARK is an open area specifically reserved for downtime, not conventional, but certainly a cool addition.

9DESKS is pretty self-explanatory, rows of white, open desks flexibly assigned to different project teams. There’s also a communal kitchen in the middle to break up what would otherwise be a cold environment.

9SHEDS are a number of enclosed meeting rooms along the edge of the desk area. They’re designed specifically for privacy and to improve mood, each shed is fit for different types of meetings and workshops.

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