How Much Apple Apparently Spends To Build A Single $1,249 iPhone XS Max

Every year Apple releases iPhones which become more and more expensive, this year was no different. The 512GB model of the iPhone XS Max would cost you and me around $1500 to buy – but how much does it cost Apple to produce? Thankfully, analyst TechInsights has picked apart the iPhone XS Max (256GB) and done the math for us.

They estimate that the $1,249 256GB model of the iPhone XS Max costs Apple $443 to produce, with the 6.5-inch OLED display taking up $80.50 of that.

For some perspective, last year’s 64GB iPhone X cost Apple $395.44 to produce, which isn’t too far off the 256GB iPhone XS Max’s cost price. Head here to see the complete break down of the cost.

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