Designing ROSI UI/UX To Help Diamond Shoppers Find the Best Diamond

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If you are in the process of buying a diamond ring, or some other piece of diamond jewelry, you’re probably aware that there are many factors to take into account. To find the best diamond jewelry, one of the simplest and most effective approaches is to first narrow in on your desired style. This approach will help you find the right jewelry setting, after which you can pair your setting with the best diamond.

Diamond Ring Design Styles

Diamond rings are available in a wide range of designs. For instance, there are solitaire diamond rings, which are simple rings that showcase one large diamond on simple setting. Or contrastingly, there are lattice rings with more complicated designs, where diamonds can criss cross an intricate lattice pattern. Some diamond rings are categorized by these unique design elements, while others are categorized by another aspect – their appearance and style. For example, there are modern styles and vintage styles. There are also romantic, floral, extravagant, and other styles.

Once you have decided which diamond ring style you prefer, you can simply choose which shape of diamond to place in your desired setting. As you are probably aware, diamonds are available in many styles too, which are typically defined by their shape. Emerald, princess, round, pear, oval, cushion, asscher, and heart are some popular diamond shapes. Yet, choosing the right diamond can be a little bit overwhelming for buyers, especially for those who have never bought a diamond ring or diamond jewelry before. Even beyond style considerations, there’s the diamond’s quality to take into account. Luckily, you’ve got ROSI on your side.

What is ROSI UI/UX and how does it work?

ROSI is a specially designed blend of algorithm and artificial intelligence which helps users easily pick the right diamond for them. It’s worth mentioning that ROSI’s AI is enhanced by IBM’s Watson, a supercomputer that combines artificial intelligences (AI) and sophisticated analytical software for optimal performance as a question-answering computer system. ROSI is an excellent tool, even for those who believe that they’ve already found the right diamond for them. For those already considering a certain diamond, they can provide this diamond’s information to ROSI’s diamond compare tool, which ROSI will use to search for an even better diamond option. Simply provide a GIA report, the diamond’s carat weight, and the diamond’s price, and ROSI will do the rest.

By analyzing every element that affects a diamond’s quality and price, ROSI is able to suggest the right solution to any buyer, whether they already have a diamond in mind or not. In an ideal world, we’d all have unlimited budgets for our jewelry, but the reality is different. However, even with a limited budget, ROSI can help you get the very best for the amount you are able to spend. Once given a user’s budget and desired diamond qualities, ROSI relies on its proprietary algorithm and Artificial Intelligence enhanced by IBM’s Watson to evaluate the 4CS, but that’s not all. ROSI also considers inclusion position, fluorescence, table percentage, and over a dozen other factors that have an impact on a diamond’s beauty. This thorough analysis ensures that users are presented with a diamond that has the perfect balance of every factor.

Simply put, RockHer has found a way to program ROSI to help users quickly and easily find the best diamond for their budget. Through the application of knowledge, data, and modern technology, they have created the ultimate virtual diamond buying algorithm.

Who’s RockHer?

We’ve already mentioned that RockHer is the creator of ROSI UI/UX, but this company is more than that. RockHer is an LA-based engagement ring company with many years of experience in the luxury jewelry industry. This company has a team of experienced, knowledgeable, and talented diamond experts, designers, and craftsmen. RockHer sets itself apart by adhering to traditional jewelry standards, yet in a modernized way. By incorporating technological innovations, they are able to create outstanding pieces of luxury jewelry in an entirely new way, ushering the ancient tradition of jewelry into the modern era.

Obviously ROSI, the personal digital gemologist, is one of the best things to come from this company. Thousands of people have already used ROSI to easily find a diamond that suits their requirements and desires. On top of this, everything you’ll find at RockHer is made in the USA and their jewelry materials are obtained from legitimate sources (meaning, ethical and eco-friendly sources). We hope that this article will encourage you to check out RockHer and use ROSI because doing so will help you find the right diamond for your needs.