8 of BBC’s Most Popular Shows


BBC is one of the oldest and most popular news and documentary channels that has lived up to its reputation as being the leader in global breaking news. They have now added a new feather in their hat by also being in the forefront worldwide as far as TV shows are concerned.

BBC Worldwide always has an Annual Showcase event that is held every year and in 2018, it was held on 8 of February and was attended by over 700 of the world’s best TV executives. This is mainly done so that they can buy British TV content for their countries.

At present, more than 200 countries worldwide air BBC programs and many of them are adapted to local versions after getting a license. This has helped in increasing their popularity and so BBC has just released a list of their most watched shows.


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Now let us go ahead and discuss the 8 of BBC’s most watched shows.

Planet Earth II


The content and presentation of Planet Earth II is so good that it has won an Emmy award. The program was produced by BBC Studios’ Natural History Unit. It was the most popular TV documentary in France, Germany and the Netherlands.

In Germany, it was aired on the public channel ZDF and was ranked as the best documentary for the year. It even topped the charts in Australia where it was judged the best Natural History Program of the year.

The defining point of Planet Earth II is that it is the first BBC show to be produced in Ultra-High Definition or 4K.

The outstanding trailer for this show had some amazing music in its trailer titled Hoppipolla composed by the rock band Sigur Ros from Iceland.

Blue Planet II


Blue Planet II emerged as the best program in New Zealand and could well head to be one of the best international programs for next year. In New Zealand, it got the highest ratings for a TV show ever since Frozen Planet in 2018.

Blue Planet II is a documentary that focuses on marine life on Earth. It is produced by the Natural History unit of the BBC. The eminent naturalist David Attenborough narrates and presents the show and Hans Zimmer has composed the music score.



Sherlock is an award winning show that has won many awards. It was broadcasted in 231 territories making it a huge success internationally. It was listed on the top spot in the US and Russia. It was aired on Channel One in Russia.

This series is a masterpiece that does justice to the classical detective stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It has catapulted the lead actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman into fame and they have helped the show get critical appreciation.

Doctor Foster


Doctor Foster was produced by Drama Republic and was sold to 226 territories. It topped the charts in Italy.

The main storyline of the show of a lady Gemma Foster who suspects that her husband is having an affair has gripped audiences worldwide. Her investigations reveal a lot of murkiness that is hidden under the carpet raising the level of thrill.

Father Brown


The crime series Father Brown was a huge success in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The series is based on the famous stories of the Roman Catholic priest created by G.K. Chesterton and features Mark Williams in the lead role.

DCI Banks


This series also topped the rankings in Norway and Sweden. Its storyline of a detective chief inspector investigating cases has left audiences enthralled.

Death in Paradise


This show topped the charts in Australia. The show is filmed in the French overseas department of Guadeloupe and is a British-French collaboration crime series that has become popular internationally.

Local Adaptations

The BBC show Strictly Come Dancing was adapted to an international version Dancing with the Stars. It ranked as the most popular show in France, Italy, US, Poland, Sweden and Norway.

This series was authorized to broadcast in 54 countries and was most recently launched in Brazil and Ireland. The channel Series 25 on the ABC network aired this show in the second half of 2017 and it had the largest number of viewers with almost 13 million viewers.

In the Netherlands the locally adapted version Heel Holland Bakt in Dutch (translated as All of Holland is Baking) was extremely popular. The original version was The Great Bake Off.

Top Gear is an all time favorite and it got the highest rankings in South Africa.


The list of top shows arranged according to the countries is as given below:


Top Ranker: Dancing with the Stars (Local Version)

Most Complete Show: Planet Earth II


Topper: Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escapes


Topper: Planet Earth II


Topper: Dancing with the Stars (Local Version)

Most Complete Show: Doctor Foster


Topper: Sherlock


Toppers: Diana, 7 Days


Topper: Dancing with the Stars (Local Version)

Most Complete Show: DCI Banks


Topper: Dancing with the Stars (Local Version)

Most Complete Program: Wild New Zealand


Topper: Dancing with the Stars (Local Version)

Most Complete Program: Father Brown

South Africa

Topper: Top Gear


Topper: The Story of China


Topper: Great Bake Off (Local)

Most Complete Program: Planet Earth II


Topper: Death in Paradise

New Zealand

Topper: Coast New Zealand

Most Complete Program: Blue Planet II


Topper: Dancing With the Stars (Local Version)

Most Complete Program: Sherlock


Thus, we see that BBC shows have gained immense popularity worldwide and this article provides you with the best listing available. This will enable you to get all the required information at a glance to keep you well-informed.