The First Ever News Article Written About An Apple Computer In 1977

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The breaking news in 1977 was that a new company in California were making computer kits for hobbyists, it was called The Apple Computer Company, and they were going to be a huge hit.

Sheila Clarke, writing for a magazine called Kilobaud, was the first ever person to write about an Apple Computer, and since then, the tech world has never been the same. Check out the article below and head here for the full thing.

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Here's what she told Business Insider about the surreal experience:

"My interview with the two Steves took place while they were still in the folks' garage, I flew up from LA, and the two Steves picked me up in a red Chevy Luv Truck, tossed my suitcase in the back, and put me between them in the front seat. We went someplace for lunch, and talked about their plans.

Of course, Steve Jobs did all the talking. After lunch we drove to his parents home in Palo Alto-never went inside the house-straight to the garage. On a workbench sat a PC board. above the workbench on a shelf sat a TV set where wires dangled from it to the PC board.

The whole time Steve Jobs was talking, explaining, outlining future plans for marketing and development, he was just about dancing on his tippy toes in his tennies. Then Woz sat at the workbench, initiating the operating system (I suppose) to demonstrate a program. Woz was pretty quiet. I got that he was the engineering brain power, and Jobs was the idea guy.

One of the things Jobs told me was that they would make certain there would be an Apple in every classroom and on every desk, because if kids grew up using and knowing the Apple, they would continue to buy Apples and so would their kids. The computers would be donated by Apple Computer. I understand that when that article came out, orders starting pouring in, and Apple Computer was seriously launched."