Someone Paid $56,000 for an Unopened Box of 1999 Pokémon Cards

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Remember the days of saving up all your money as a kind to spend as much as you could on Pokémon cards? Well believe it or not, nowadays it's not that much different, although you'd need to save up a little longer.

An unopened box of Pokémon cards from 1999 has just sold at auction for $56,000. The booster box is advertised as a first edition limited printing that was in the cosigner's possession since before the year 2000, so that is some profit.


The bidding started at $20,000 and didn't take long to more than double. It's obviously a lot to spend, but the prizes could work out - for example, if the new owner discovers a Charizard Holo card in the box, you'd be able to sell it for around $55,000.

Time to dig out the collection from the back of the cupboard.