Understanding How Contrast Can Help Improve the Design of Videos

To begin with it is important to note that although typically ‘contrast’ in videos refers to the color contrast of the video itself, in this case the ‘contrast’ that is being discussed is the design principle. Simply put it refers to differences between elements in the video that can make them stand out and draw attention to them.

As a design principle, contrast applies to any kind of visual design – including the composition of your videos. However in order to use it you need to understand how it can help to improve the design of your videos.

Types of Contrast

Keep in mind that as much as people tend to assume that contrast refers to differences in color, it can actually refer to any differences that exist between elements. While there are lots of different types of contrast that you could use, some of the most common are:

  • Size – where a bigger element set against smaller ones stands out.
  • Color – where complementary colors stand out against one another.
  • Shape – where geometric shapes stand out against organic shapes.
  • Movement – where abnormal motion in a video stands out.

Each of these types of contrast can set elements apart in certain ways. The more the difference between the elements, the greater the contrast, and the more they’ll stand out.

How Contrast Can Improve a Video’s Design

Using contrast in your videos can help improve its design in several different ways, and provide some pretty clear cut benefits in the process. In particular you should be using contrast to:

  • Focus the attention of viewers on important elements

One of the main ways in which contrast can improve a video’s design is by making elements stand out so that viewers focus on them. In that way you can make sure that the subject or some other important element in the scene is the first thing that viewers see when they look at it.

  • Create a visual hierarchy

Normally videos consist of multiple elements, and with contrast you can create a visual hierarchy that helps to organize and structure the elements. That will help to guide the viewer’s eye, especially when new elements are introduced that may be more or less important.

  • Adds to the visual appeal of the video

Simply put contrast is attractive quality, and videos that utilize it will have much more visual appeal and be easier on the eyes. Using contrast to add to the visual impact of a video can make it look much more attractive and far less dull.

Now that you understand how contract can help improve the design of your video, you should make it a point to try to utilize it. Regardless of whether you record your screen or capture videos using a camera, contrast can help your videos to look more impressive. Start small by using contrast to make the subject in your video stand out, then look at ways you could build on that further. 

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