6 Little Known Apps That Will Help You Run Your Freelance Business

When you are a freelancer, it’s very important to manage your time well, because otherwise, you will end up feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

There are a lot of tools out there that can help you be more effective and free up time for relaxation.

Here are 6 little-known tools that I found useful while running my own freelance business.

#1 Depositphotos

Want to have a great looking website? Then you’ll need high-quality images. And lots of them. But where can you get them?

No, pictures you take with your iPhone won’t do, because they won’t look professional enough. Hiring a professional photographer is also out of the question since you probably can’t afford it. Stock photography websites are the solution!

Depositphotos has over 80 million photos and videos. With their most popular plan, you can download 30 of them each month, for only $29/month (switch here). It’s hard to find a better deal than that!

#2 Lorem Ipsum

Are you building your website yourself? Then you probably already know how annoying it is to write the placeholder text from scratch. Fortunately, there is an easier way!

Check out this lorem ipsum generator that can generate the placeholder text you need in a matter of seconds!

#3 4k Stogram

Okay, so you are trying to step up your Instagram game, and are taking a lot of pictures and filming a lot of video clips. That’s great. But do you know that keeping all these files on Instagram only is a really bad idea?

You never know what might happen. What if your account gets hacked? Then you’d lose access to everything on it. This possibility is not the most pleasant thing to think about, but these things do happen, which means that you should be prepared for the worst case scenario.

With 4k Stogram you can easily download Instagram photos and save them on your hard drive. That way you’ll always have a backup just in case!

#4 Heroic WordPress FAQs

When you are just starting out, customer support isn’t a big deal, but as your business grows, it starts taking up more and more of your time.

You should prepare for this in advance. Analyze your customer support emails. What are the most common issues? Create an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section on your website and address them there. You can easily do that with this WordPress FAQ Plugin.

#5 Apptivo

Do you trust people easily? Arguably, that’s a good quality to have when it comes to your personal relationships, but it can be disastrous when it comes to your business. Pretty much all freelancers have a horror story about someone who didn’t pay them. So how can you avoid that?

The answer is simple: contracts. Never do any work without signing one. That’s the only way to avoid getting burnt. I also suggest you to use Apptivo to keep track of all your contracts. It’s one of the Best Contract Management apps out there!

#6 NovoResume

To most people, freelancing sounds like a dream, and there’s a lot of truth in that. You get to work from home, set your own hours, and choose the work you do. What’s not to like, right?

It is not all unicorns and rainbows, though. Not everyone is suited for the feast and famine lifestyle. So what should you do if you feel like you can’t handle the stress of not having a stable paycheck?

There’s no shame in going back to regular employment. Yes, you’ll have less freedom, but you’ll also have more stability. So dust off your CV, update it, and use one of these NovoResume resume templates to make it look visually appealing. Then start applying for jobs!


Freelancing isn’t easy. You have to juggle client work, marketing, and administrative tasks. It can consume your life. Don’t let it get to that point!

Always be on a lookout for tools that can save you some time. There are plenty of them out there. Just keep your eyes open!