15 AI-Powered Creative Logos By Tailor Brands

This is the era of automation and artificial intelligence (AI). Businesses, especially the SMEs, are especially leaning towards these new-age technologies for the evident benefits such as low costs and high productivity.

Although core business processes like marketing, lead generation, customer service, etc. are increasingly allocated to AI programs such as chatbots, innovative companies like Tailor Brands have started to offer products for other important business areas such as branding.

The Rise of AI-Powered Branding Tools

The advent of AI in branding is relatively new. However, Tailor Brands was one of the first to venture into the domain and thus gained a head start. Today, it’s educating small business owners and budding entrepreneurs across the globe on how to make a logo using user-friendly tools through its online platform.

The feedback received from the TB users is overall positive and most of them are happy with the results, especially considering that their subscription plan is barely the cost of a few cups of coffee.

The following are some of the top AI-powered creative logos that are products of TB branding suite:

1. Kelly’s

2. Blue Fox

3. Avenue Four

4. Dongels

This logo is a good example for understanding why typography matters a lot in logo designs. You can see that the main font used is rather uncommon. It’s a work of powerful calligraphy which makes the entire logo stand out and look professional.

Even if you want a plain or simple logo, you can make it look attractive and unique by choosing a good typography. For typography inspiration, you can always check out the work of some of the best hand lettering artists.

5. Kate Brosh

6. Beezy

Want to learn how to use shapes and patterns in logos creatively? This one can serve as a good example. The hexagon that shows a bee here is symbolic of honeycomb i.e. the natural habitat of bees which is also made of hexagonal cells- thus fitting for this logo and the concept behind it.

7. Rita X Bangs

8. Tom’s Place

9. Jack Ross

One of things to remember when creating a logo that aptly represents your brand is to keep it simple. You may be inclined to add a variety of design elements in your logo to fully “encapsulate” your brand. However, that’s just a recipe for disaster.

The Jack Ross logo that you can see above is a perfect example of how a simple logo can also look beautiful and professional. You don’t need to overcomplicate things when a basic design can be slightly modified to look distinct and creative.

10. Consultme

11. The Bakery

12. Purple Noise

13. Stancil Bookings

14. The Foodie

15. LevelUp

So, a brand’s name is LevelUp. How do you design a creative logo is that? This one took a subliminal visual approach. The symbol right before the brand name “levelUp” is indicative of growing, moving to the next step, or “Leveling Up”. This method is a classic, and something you would want to remember when designing a logo for yourself.

So, there you have it- some of the most fascinating designs created just with the power of Artificial Intelligence, courtesy of Tailor Brands. Which ones did you like the most?

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