Google Will Blow Your Mind In This Demo Of Its Newest Assistant Making a Phone Call

Google is constantly updating its Google Assistant to help you out more and more in your daily life, well they’ve just released something that will not only help you out, it will change the way you communicate and make appointments with business forever – Google Duplex.

Google Duplex is a behaviour inside Assistant that can make reservations for you at restaurants, hair salons etc, over the phone while pretending to be an actual person.

You can specify dates, times, and other questions likely asked when making an appointment. You’d also think that it would be a robotic voice that can’t be confused as anything other than a virtual assistant, but Google Duplex is able to sound like a real person while picking up on various nuances of the conversation and replying in an appropriate way.

You can check out the Google Blog post about it here to find out more, and check the video of it in action below courtesy of Mashable. Let us know what you think about it – Ingenius? Scary? Both?

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