These Apple-Style Earbuds Are $30 Less Than AirPods

It’s been over a year since Apple released their much talked about AirPods. There have been companies that have tried to emulate the success of the popular earbuds, but none that have quite matched the style and reliability that the AirPods offer – a company called Mobvoi are hoping to change that.

Mobvoi has started an Indiegogo campaign to market and sell their TicPods Free, a slightly more angular, more colourful version of the popular AirPods.

The TicPods come with a charging case, they pause the music when removed from your ears, you can tap on them to control playback, they have built-in mics to take calls, and you can access a smart assistant (Google’s Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, or Apple’s Siri), much the same as AirPods can, but where do they differ? TicPods Free come in an option of red, blue, and of course white, they also come with two different sizes of silicone tips, so you’ll never have an issue with them sticking in your ear. Finally, and most importantly, the TicPods are available for $59 for earlybird backers on Indiegogo, and $129 retail (which is still is $30 cheaper than AirPods).

Find out more on Indiegogo.

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