4 Website Builders Reviewed: Ucraft, IM Creator, Mobirise, uKit

When it comes to creating websites, there are many questions most inexperienced users cannot answer. Apart from the web design process itself and the content that has to be uploaded to a website, they explore multiple web building tools, many of which seem too complicated to be understandable to newbies. This is where the use of website builders proves to be the most suitable, convenient, intuitive and affordable solution.

The fact that the main target audience that uses website builders is comprised of small businesses and entrepreneurs doesn’t mean that these user categories are ready to invest a lot into website development. Instead, many of these users are just starting their businesses and need websites to promote them effectively. Website builders allow doing that with minimum financial investments, ensuring decent result and traffic generation.

Are you facing the same situation right now? Then using website builders is what you should initially consider. Let’s have a quick yet informative overview of the best services that feature proper price/quality correlation. 


Best For

Ucraft is a decent choice for small business owners, entrepreneurs specializing in different niches as well as for everyone, who has the desire to start a web-based business. The website builder is quite easy to use yet it allows reaching quality result with minimum time, money and effort investment. This service offers a broad range of options and tools that contribute to the success of the web building process.

What Website Types Does Ucraft Work Best For?

Ucraft makes it possible to build different types of websites depending upon your needs, objectives and preferences. However, the service works best for launching landing pages, business and eCommerce websites. Multiple web design tools and features can be used to develop these projects and you should choose those that will come up to your current web design aspirations, taste and budget.

The website builder comes with a rich collection of responsive templates to meet any needs. These include Business, eCommerce, Personal, Restaurant, Travel, Sport, Art, Design, Photography, Portfolio and Blog themes, customization of which doesn’t take much time as well. The templates are designed by Ucraft experts with the needs of newbies and web design pros in mind. It is possible to use a Multilingual app here to create different language versions of your website. What’s more, the system offers a set of Designer Tools consisting of Layout, Typography and UIKit, which allow setting up your website styling and design all in one place. Finally, you can make use of a free Logo Maker, Landing Page Creator, Articles App and eCommerce tool to launch a functional website with impressive design.

Ucraft White Label Solution

Ucraft is a website builder, which offers a scalable and trusted White Label solution to everyone, who has the intention to start a new business. The system works great for freelancers, web design agencies and entrepreneurs, who will be able to reach great results when using the service under their brand names for fast and effective website promotion. No coding, no expensive web design tools, no risky system updates and no plugins! With Ucraft White Label program, it is you, who defines the priorities, sets goals and chooses pricing! 

IM Creator

IM Creator is a user-friendly professional website builder, which ensures quick, easy and intuitive web building process. The service is mainly focused on the development of business websites and online stores. Whatever website you will create with the system, it will come with eCommerce options included. You can launch your own web store and start selling with it to effectively grow your business.

The website builder uses the innovative stripes and polydoms technology, which implies application of the ready made blocks that perfectly match each other to form a website layout. Due to this feature, you don’t have to possess coding skills to launch a professionally designed website with IM Creator. Apart from that, the website builder allows choosing and customizing niche templates, which are responsive and easily adjust to any mobile devices. They are also SEO-friendly and ensure nice website promotion.

The service offers plenty of web design and customization options for students, artists, creatives and non-commercial organizations. For these users, the system is free, offering unlimited hosting, access to all themes, connect domain option, advanced blogging and eCommerce platforms.

IM Creator has won a decent reputation in the web design niche due to its White Label solution, which can be effectively used by hosting companies, resellers, web design experts and large companies that have the intention to use the entire feature set of the system under their own brand names. You can launch and connect as many websites as you need, using multiple benefits the solution offers, such as unlimited licenses, domains, storage space, your own billing system etc. 


The major distinction between Mobirise and lots of other contemporary website builders is that this is the offline application for Windows and Mac. To be used to the advantage, the service requires preliminary download and installation, which doesn’t take much time, though. The website builder will work great not only for newbies with zero web design experience, but also for professional web developers, who can use multiple benefits of the system to work on client projects.

This drag-and-drop website builder allows creating small/medium business websites, portfolios, landing pages for impressive online presentation of services, products and events. The system has distinguished itself due to its minimalistic and easy-to-use interface, mobile-friendliness, out-of-the-box feature set, advanced content blocks and other features. Websites launched with Mobirise consist of blocks that make up their structure.

There are over 800 blocks here that can be customized with regard to users’ needs and business niche they focus on. It allows creating mobile-friendly projects with no coding skills or the need to create a separate mobile website version. To get the most out of the web building process, you can use free and paid templates as well as extra paid extensions.

Another Mobirise highlight is AMP Website Builder, which has been introduced by the system and is not available in other website builders yet. The Accelerate Mobile Pages tool makes mobile website browsing quicker and more convenient. The tool is used to create and manage online magazines, blogs, news portals etc. 


uKit is one of the simplest and the most convenient website builders. The system is basically known as a small business website builder and, thus, its feature set is geared towards the creation of portfolios, landing pages, online stores and small business websites.

The platform offers over 350 high quality responsive templates, which fall into multiple thematic categories. Building a website with uKit is super easy and convenient due to its responsive nature, enhanced typography, saturated color palette, logically-built layout, unlimited design customization options and features.

Apart from that, uKit offers a set of business widgets, which allow getting the most out of the web design process. You can make use of the eCommerce, live chat, social media, comments, cost calculator widgets and more to give your website extra performance.

Promoting your ready made website with uKit is super easy as the service offers an integrated wizard, which allows analyzing your website from the point of view of SEO. It’s also possible to connect to Google Analytics here to get detailed statistics on multiple parameters.

Bottom Line

When exploring the contemporary web design market, you will encounter multiple offers, many of which will sound contradicting. The choice of the best web building tool will depend upon your web design experience, available budget, business or personal objectives.

Whatever website you plan to set up, the use of website builders will still be the most suitable, convenient, simple, user-friendly and affordable solution. Not all of them, though, come up to your needs, expectations and requirements. Ucraft, IM Creator, Mobirise and uKit are the most decent website builders, which will work for all your web design endeavours. Take your time to test each of them to make the choice you won’t regret.

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