How to Start a Profitable Business Online for Beginners

Have you just came out of college or a long-term career you were dissatisfied with and are looking for ways to earn money? You have come to the right place. While starting a business can seem like a lot of work, there are ways to make money without having to rent office space, hire staff or buy expensive office equipment. For example, you can always start an online business. Blogging, affiliate marketing, and ecommerce are a few ways you could earn money online from the comfort of your own home.

With so many digital tools to help you automate your day-to-day business processes, you can earn money while saving time. Sounds surreal? I thought so too before trying these ten tools for myself.

1. Combin

With Combin, you can get real Instagram followers, plenty of comments and likes on your posts with only a few clicks. The platform saves your time by doing the audience research, finding the right influencers for your business, and managing multiple accounts for you. Increase your brand’s visibility on Instagram with this tool while focusing on the tasks that matter more.

2. Maxtraffic

Regardless of the type of the online business you choose to establish, gaining more traffic, expanding mailing list, and increasing sales will definitely be on your list of goals. Web push notifications is a way to achieve all of those goals. Maxtraffic reaches out to your website visitors when you have special promotions or discounts for your products, asks them to sign up for your newsletter, and helps you choose the right target audience. All of these processes can be easily automated with only a few clicks.

3. Pcloud

If you want to save space on your computer and to avoid spending money on gigabytes, is the tool for you. Whether it’d be blogging, ecommerce, or affiliate marketing, you will need space to store all your business related documents. offers 20 free gigabytes of storage, multiple layers of security for your data protection, and makes sharing and collaboration with your colleagues on the same files, at the same time effortless.

4. Integromat

Integromat offers cloud workflow automation solution, which will help you manage multiple tasks on several different platforms. It’s a tool created to connect all apps and software needed to perform tasks and manage the workflow seamlessly and mistake-free. It will help you save time by running the tasks 24/7 and without your interruption.

5. Focused Collection

Focused is a platform, filled with tons of artistic and high-quality images, needed for your website, presentations, or blog posts. You don’t need boring stock images that everyone is using anymore. With focused collection, you can choose from millions of photographs based on your keywords or browse by artist. The platform is aiming to connect businesses with the right artists.

6. InvoiceNinja

One of the most important parts of the business is earning profits. Invoice handling, deposit collection, and project time-tracking can all be very daunting tasks. InvoiceNinja is designed to automate all of these processes and many more. Save your time by using this one invoice tool to manage your admin tasks, rather than several different ones and spend more time on growing your business.

7. Word Counter

Word Counter is a perfect tool for those in the writing business. The platform helps you keep track of your word, sentence, paragraph, and pages count, optimize the text for keywords, and create posts of perfect length for the most popular social media platforms. With real-time statistics, you can keep your focus on the writing.

8. Magic Password

To keep your new business safe and protected, use Magic Password. It is a WordPress security plugin, designed to keep your login information and passwords protected. When using this tool, you won’t have to remember or write down your login details, Magic Password will remember them for you. It will also generate new passwords whenever you might need them.

9. Omnisend

To let you focus more on your business, you will need a tool to automate some of the time-consuming marketing tasks. Ecommerce marketing automation will allow you to easily and quickly create landing pages, automate your communication by sending automatic order confirmations or expand your mailing list by creating pop-up web forms. Omnisend is a perfect tool to use if you want to grow your ecommerce business.

10. Salesmate

Everyone wants to be successful and grow a profitable business. And when your company is expanding, you will want to dedicate your time to tasks other than selling. Salesmate is a CRM designed to automate your sales processes and help you manage your team of reps. On the platform, you can easily find all the necessary information about your clients, track sales activities, and receive insights that will assist you in improving your sales strategies.

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