Choosing the Safest Way to Surf the Internet

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Nowadays, there are millions of users being hacked all over the world. And it doesn’t even mean whether you visit websites with the doubtful content (those have become even more dangerous today), if you do not use specialized tools of protection, neither your private data, neither the financial information or your Internet activity cannot be safe. And today is not enough to install the antivirus only to make your Internet connection safe.Choosing the Safest Way to Surf the Internet

The attacks on your personal data starts from the IP you use, from the website you leave a cookie or any other data stored on and if you want to cope with that make sure you can use one of the best VPN at the moment here for you. You can find out what is VPN and why you should use it below.

VPN Service on the Guard of Your Privacy

A VPN is a virtual private network - notion that was found out at late 90th when people understood that protecting Internet is as important as using it. Previously, VPN services were used to protect business data and the most common users of VPN services were mostly businesses that constructed networks on their own.


Since that time VPN industry has changed dramatically - now any of your data can be used for fraudulent purposes, so even the ordinary user needs VPN usually for three purposes:

● Protect privacy

● Hide Internet activity

● Get an access to restricted websites

So you can use VPN easily now - all you need to do is to download the specified addition for your browser or an app for your mobile device (most of the services offer solutions both for Android and iOS devices).

It has to be mentioned that it is even more important to use VPN on your mobile phone as you need some way to protect it when you connect to public networks (which can be controlled or infected by hackers). Actually, when it comes to mobile devices - those are much more vulnerable and the consequences of break can be much more serious especially if the smartphone is used for financial operations or has a bank app installed.

Alternative Ways to Make the Internet Safe for You

It is important to protect your Internet activity at least on the level of IP - to make sure no one can find out your location or tie your activity to your own personal IP assigned by a provider. For this purpose you can use VPN service or another type of services:

● Anonymizer

● DNS service

Both of these services can be used to hide your activity, though each of those is less convenient than general VPN.

DNS Service

DNS service is all about using another DNS servers to get an access to the Internet. It can slow down the Internet connection though. If comparing to VPN service the advantage is in the fact you can not only surf the web using your browser anonymously, you can also hide your IP when using other applications - games, programs, clients etc. And its disadvantage is the fact you need to be a bit an advanced PC user for proper usage of the service.



This is an easy-to-use service - just insert the web address of the website you need to reach anonymously and there won’t be any privacy issues for you. However, this kind of option is not very convenient if you need to reach more than one website.