How To Know If Your iPhone Battery Needs Replacing

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After the scandal of the iPhone-slowdown controversy that came to light at the end of last year, and Apple now offering discounts on battery replacements, many customers have been concerned what state their iPhone battery is currently in and whether it needs replacing.

So how do you find out? Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, a writer at ZDNet has recommended two different methods to determine if your iPhone battery is the reason for it slowing down.

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1. Download the $0.99 CPU DasherX app. This will let you generate a CPU frequency report for your iPhone's processor. Compare your 'CPU Frequency' with what your iPhone's CPU should be and if the numbers correspond, that's great. However, if the number in the app shows you half of what it should be, then a battery replacement will help revive your iPhone’s performance.

2. This requires a Mac and third-party software called Coconut Battery which you can use to test your iPhone's battery. For step-by-step instructions on how to use this method go here.