5 Slick Tips for Mastering Office 365

When your to-do list keeps getting longer, time-saving shortcuts offer a welcome boost to your productivity. Office 365 includes powerful tools that can make your work life easier. Get ready to move beyond the basics and become an Office 365 master with the following slick tips.

1. Work Offline Anytime

Office 365 helps you stay productive during business trips. No internet connection? No worries.

The Work Offline feature lets you keep working even when you can’t access OneDrive. Simply download your documents and continue editing. Office 365 will automatically upload your revised materials when a Wi-Fi connection becomes available.

2. Collaborate in Real Time

You don’t have to waste time passing around documents and pasting rounds of comments together. Collaboration is at the core of Office 365.

By using cloud storage and access, team members can work on materials at the same time. When you upload confidential documents to the cloud, make sure you turn on all Office 365 security features. You may also want to include additional third-party Office 365 security services to protect your data.

3. Organize Your Teams With Groups

Share documents with your team quickly with the Office 365 Groups feature. Start a group in an Office 365 app such as Outlook, Planner, or Sharepoint. Create a group and add staff members.

When you’re ready for your team to work on a document or presentation, assign it to the Group to give access to your team. You can choose to keep materials assigned to each group private or public. Note that everyone in the company with Office 365 access can view public documents.

4. Tell Office 365 What You Need

When Microsoft releases software updates, sometimes your favorite tools get moved.

Don’t waste time hunting for missing menu buttons: Use the Office 365 Tell Me What You Want to Do box. Look for this helpful option in the ribbon next to the light bulb. Click on it and start typing. The app will automatically create a drop-down menu with choices that can help complete your task.

5. Automate Your Inbox Cleaning

When your inbox is overflowing, nothing is worse than being copied on long email threads that don’t pertain to you. Outlook’s Ignore Conversation function can remove these emails from your inbox so that you can focus on important messages. Tagging an email with the Ignore Conversation function will send responses directly to the deleted items folder. You can also undo Ignore Conversation and recover emails still in your deleted items folder.

Put Outlook Clutter settings to work for you as well. Clutter won’t delete emails, but it will send them to a low-priority folder. Once you’re logged in to Outlook, go to the Settings menu and click on Options. Choose Mail, Automatic Processing, and Clutter. Select your desired settings to have your mail sorted automatically.

Put the above Office 365 slick tips to use and get more done in less time. Explore all the Office 365 apps to discover more shortcuts to reduce turnaround times, encourage collaboration, and make each workday more productive.

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