Ultra Rare Apple ‘Lisa 1’ Computer Is Selling Online For A Ridiculous Amount

If you’re a hardcore Apple fan with around $60,000 just lying around, you may be interested in Apple’s ‘Lisa 1’, which is currently listed on eBay and is getting a lot of attention.

‘Lisa 1’, originally named after Steve Jobs’ daughter, cost $150 million to develop, sold only 10,000 units at $10,000 each, and was pulled from the market after three years. It is estimated that only 30 to 100 ‘Lisa 1’ machines exist today. 

The current bid for the auction, which closes on 14 January 2018, stands at $55,200 at the time of writing this. 

One of the craziest things is that the machine is still in perfect working order, the seller writes: “This Lisa 1 is optically and technically in excellent condition. Both twiggy drives are working and spinning perfectly. As seen in the video I tested the drives with a Lisa Test disc and everything seems to work just fine.” Check the video out below.

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