LG's New Projector Is The Perfect Addition To Your Living Room

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LG didn't want to wait until CES 2018 to reveal one their main gadgets for the upcoming year. Their all-new 4K HDR projector, officially titled the HU80KA, is a UHD projector which LG claims is half the size of competing 4K models, at a much lower price.

It can output a 150-inch picture in any room of your house, which tops out at 2,500 lumens, making it the company's brightest projector yet, and on par with what's currently on the market. On top of the 4K resolution, you also get support for HDR video with HDR10.

The projector can be positioned on the floor, mounted to the wall, or hung from the ceiling, working equally as good in all those setups. It runs webOS just like LG’s TV lineup so it’s got most of the big streaming apps integrated out of the box.

Pricing isn't yet available, but it's exciting to see what else will come from the HU80KA and CES overall.

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