18 Clever Ads From 2017 With A Brilliant Art Direction

2017 saw some fine examples of advertising from companies big and small alike. Here are 18 of the best ones.

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1. World For All: Pet Adoption

2. Lego: Build The Future

3. JBL: Noise-Cancelling Headphones

4. Der Tagesspiegel: Trump

5. Penguin Audiobooks

6. Play Doh

7. Audi Allroad: Asia

8. Cafe Caribe: Stay Awake

9. Angelbins: Shoe Donation

10. Pedigree: Long Live The Dog

11. Opel Movano: No matter how heavy the load

12. Visa Travel Insurance: Vacations can be a lottery

13. Alfaguara Audiobooks

14. Global 2000: Just save the ice

15. Kinokuniya Book Stores – Bedtime Reading

16. Newsweek: Some news needs a week

17. Amnesty International: You can switch it off. They can’t.

18. Forbes: Woman


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