GIPHY Reveals The Top 25 Most Shared GIFs of 2017

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The last couple of years has seen a huge influx in the use of GIFs - at this point, we're pretty much able to have whole conversations with them. GIPHY, the world's largest GIF search engine has revealed the top 25 most shared GIFs of the past year. 

With 300 million of us sharing over 2 Billion GIFs every day, there was certainly a lot to choose from. We've listed the top 10 out below, head to GIPHY's post for the full 25.

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1. Love gnome by Anna Hrachovec: 340 million views

2. White guy blinking: 266 million views

3. DNCE’s waving pug: 215 million views

4. The Fall Out Boy llama: 197 million views

5. Excited NFL celebration: 180 million views

6. Good morning GIF: 175 million views

7. G.S. Warriors happy fan dance: 165 million views

8. "Nope" rat: 154 million views

9. Bryan Cranston f-bomb: 138 million views

10. Wonder Woman happy dance: 135 million views