Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone and Apple Watch At The Same Time With This Super Cheap Charging Pad

Wireless charging finally seems to be getting the mainstream attention we’ve all been wanting it to get ever since the latest iPhones got wireless charging capabilities and the Apple announced its AirPower pad.

As good as the AirPower pad looks, it still has two main issues, one, it won’t be available to buy until next year, and two, Apple isn’t exactly known for their budget prices, so it’s not going to be cheap.

Luckily, tech start-up Funxim has created a Qi wireless charging pad that is currently taking over Kickstarter. It can charge any compatible phone as well as your Apple Watch at the same time, and the best part is that it’s a fraction of the price of what AirPower will inevitably be – starting at just $29!

Head here to check out the Kickstarter, they’re currently at 500% of their original goal, so be quick to make sure you can secure a pad.

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