Top Features of Workforce Management Systems – A Bird’s Eye View

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An effective and efficient workforce management system is worth the cash you invest in especially if you must calculate wages on an hourly basis. However, the saddest part is that even though this is an incredible system, not all of them will offer the required depth and accuracy that you are looking for. And under such circumstances, selecting the right one becomes tricky at times.

So, here let us find out the top features that a workforce management system must offer to its clients. Although you have the option to choose from among advanced systems as well, however, the features that have been mentioned here are the basic ones. So, read on for better insight.

What to expect from good workforce management systems?

Let us find out the answer to this question in the paragraphs that follow-

· Excellent time tracking tool

The workforce management system that you opt for must essentially be able to effectively track time preferably in real time. Most importantly, unless accurate time tracking is maintained, it becomes particularly difficult for the employer to carry out performance appraisals and offer incentives and perks to employees based on regular attendance.

· Deployment scheduling and flexibility

An effective workforce management system should be able to help you to deploy the right workers at the right places for the specific modules. In fact, it should not only offer flexibility but also be able to assist you deploying your human resources in an appropriate manner.

Most importantly, you can deploy an employee depending on his expertise and skills. It also helps you to know whenever an employee has done over time and should be paid for the same.

By using the workforce system, you will be able to control the number of OTs or overtimes you want to restrict and want your employees to do. This will also help you in controlling your overtime costs.

· Data collection and handling tool

A workforce management solution that is popular will be able to offer a wide array of tools and devices that will assist you in time collection and will assign tasks based on “mix and match” concept as per the needs of the company and business. Few of the devices or tools that help in the same as mentioned above include the following-

- Online time tracking system that will aid professionals involved in administrative jobs to manage their team members better.

- An app that basically aids in mobile time tracking. This is mainly helpful for the employees that must travel extensively from one site to another site.

· Using Mobile tracking GPS devices

Whenever you are planning to incorporate mobile time-tracking devices, just make sure that GPS tracking facility is something that you can enjoy. It is a must to employ 2 very essential support systems within the app and these include geo-fencing and task management solutions.

Incorporating these facilities are desirable because it will help you to know when employees clock out and leave their workstations (geo-fencing) and task management that comprises in taking a task to complete as and when they finish the same during the day.

· Reporting and analytical skills

When it comes to selecting a workforce management system, it is important that you opt for one that will offer analytical abilities too. The system should be such that for instance, it should allow you to compare if your expenses are matching as per the time and attendance of the employees including overtime costs. The system should offer certain analytical capabilities.

· Labor rules compliance

Being an employer, you must be on your guard that you are not violating labor laws and norms. For instance, while calculating wages there are several aspects that you must consider and calculate wages accordingly. These include sick leaves, overtime, and casual leaves. All these leave norms must be adhered to which can be facilitated by the workforce management system that you opt for.