You Can Now Shoot Your Own Google Street View Photos

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Google has certified the Insta360 Pro as the first camera that's "Street View Auto Ready", meaning it's capable of contributing to Google Street View after being mounted to a car.

Insta360 has been working closely with Google to ensure a seamless capture and sharing experience.

“Devices recognized in the ‘Street View ready’ program are perfectly suited for contributing 360-degree content to Google Street View,” writes Insta360, “allowing users to put their own stamp on the global patchwork of immersive street-level views that’s accessible via Google Maps, Google Earth, and the Street View app.”

When mounted to a car the camera can shoot high-quality photos thanks to its stabilization system and optical-flow stitching algorithm. If you're thinking about getting one and contributing to Google's Street View platform, you can purchase one here. The downside? It goes for a hefty $3,500.

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