Did you ever take the pain of subscribing to some newsletter? There are several websites which provide things like music files, ebook, series of video or a single video file in exchange for your email. This is when you have to subscribe to your newsletter. Irrespective of how much you wish to keep away from subscribing to newsletters, there are many sites which lure you with too profitable a gift when you subscribe.

On those websites which offer lead magnets, people use different services to receive the rewards with subscribing to a website. While Temp-mail is one such service, there are several other services in the market. With increasing number of emails on the list of newsletters, the websites receive too many failed email attempts in the newsletter. Now, that doesn’t seem to be something good enough. If you wish to cope up, you should use an email verification service like Zero Bounce.

Zero Bounce - Data Validation At Its Best

Zero Bounce provides data validation services to the users who are all watching out for reliable tools which could have a noteworthy effect on the email marketing campaigns’ performance. The word ‘data’ given above means your email list. They usually validate the entries and eliminate the ones which might have a negative impact on the email marketing campaigns. Let’s check how Zero Bounce assists you in scraping.

Validation of emails: The website usually says that they are capable of deciding whether or not an email is bad or good. However, they didn’t explain about which qualifies as bad or good emails.

Detect smart domains: There are few domains which hide their validity, which implies that the actual email will always be positively reported, irrespective of the reputation. Hence, Zero Bounce has got a pretty smart algorithm which determines the cached domains and recognizes the emails which are not able to validate themselves. The level of accuracy is way more than the other service providers.

Exploit accounts: Don’t forget that you might be an email marketer but not all are. In case your mails get reported as ‘Spam’ too frequently, they will straightaway land in the spam folder rather than entering your inbox. Now if you use Zero Bounce, you can get a big list of users who are into this spam job of marking emails as spam. This would have a lasting impact on the brand’s reputation. Through Zero Bounce, you can deliver mails to the right target audience and eliminate those who don’t prefer getting it.

Email account which is ‘donotreply’: Basically, companies keep dedicating accounts which are made only for sending emails. Such emails are ‘do not reply’ emails. If you send a reply to such emails, the delivery fails. Zero Bounce will recognize such emails and gets them off their campaign too.

Blacklists: Based on the research and experience, they’ve constructed an email list which is in the blacklist of other industries.

Unsure emails: There are some emails which can’t be validated with accurate determination as per the algorithm. 85% of these emails get the fate of being termed as bad emails. The software Zero Bounce gets a last chance to re-validate mails.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is looking forward to verification of emails, you can use the tool called Zero Bounce to reap the above-mentioned benefits.